Who We Are

From the sheer variety of projects we work on, to the quirkiness of our team, to the benefits that we offer, we like to think that Italic Pig stands out among the crowd. You won’t find 100-hour workweeks here, but you will find a team of passionate game developers and artists that are given the chance to fully thrive in our studio.

Our studio is based outside of Belfast in the seaside town of Holywood. This tiny town is the epicenter of creativity in Northern Ireland, being home to Paper Owl, Yellow Moon and Waddell Media.

Our work-space is a rambling three-story townhouse that we’re making our own with graffiti art, a cafe space and a custom Schrodinger’s Cat Arcade machine. Luckily for us, there’s room to grow.

The entire team is active in the UK game and animation industries with our very own Kevin Beimers a regular speaker at events throughout the world.